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Thank you for choosing us

We truly love what we do and look forward to creating  beautiful work at your home. Please read over what to expect for your project below.

How to Prepare

When starting a project, you’ll want to make sure that your selections for your project are made ahead of time. If you’ll have tile or flooring, please make selections at least 2 weeks prior to start date. Also, cabinets need to be ordered 10 weeks before the start date and 8 weeks ahead for countertops. Any fixtures or other selections need to be made weeks ahead because some items may need to be shipped. Please remove any personal belongings in the area where the work will be done. If you’re having new counters installed, please remove your items from the cabinets to avoid dust and debris falling onto your belongings. If you are ordering materials for your project, please ensure the materials are delivered and at your home when the job starts. We will charge a delivery fee if we have to transport materials you’ve purchased to the job site. We reserve the right take pictures of your project to use to marketing purposes. If you’re uncomfortable with this, please let us know ahead of time.

Engagement Resources

Hidden damage is not covered in the bid. Every attempt will be made to reach you if Stalheim Remodeling, LLC encounters extra work not covered by the work order. For instance, if we find rotted wood, termites, mold etc. If we can’t reach you, we may have to proceed with this extra work to complete our work for the day or get a window opening closed up for the night. Sometimes we just cannot wait. The customer’s verbal approval when not at the premises will be construed the same as a signed approval. No warranty on parts not supplied by Stalheim Remodeling, LLC. Not responsible for glass breakage when repairing windows. We cannot be responsible for leaks in older houses with lead plumbing. Old toilets may leak or malfunction after removal and re-installation, this is common, and we’re not responsible. Not responsible for wall hangings falling from walls or nail pops. If blinds, curtain rods, shutters, and moldings do not fit the new windows Stalheim Remodeling cannot be responsible. New windows may not look or match old windows. Electrical and plumbing prices are estimated and may vary. Permits and drawings are extra, if we’re asked to provide these. Stalheim Remodeling is not responsible to produce sales receipts. Large format tile, like 20x20, 18x18, 12x24, if laid on a brick pattern, will have lippage with large format tiles. If a job is accepted based on a quotation amount, Stalheim Remodeling will not adjust this total, based on hours worked to complete this job. Most people do not understand that obtaining materials to start a job or other preparations must be considered.


Any additional work that you’d like to have done, needs to be communicated in writing and agreed upon before the project starts. The estimate only allocates enough time to do what the job is bid for so please be mindful of this. If the job has started, then extra work will either be performed after an estimate from Stalheim Remodeling has been given or will be done on a time and materials basis. Estimates or the actual time it takes to perform a job times $80 per man hour + materials will be added to the final invoice at Stalheim Remodeling’s discretion. Estimates should not be counted on as the actual final amount because many times the extent of the repair is not known before we start and sometimes until we are completed. I understand that emergency extra work done when Stalheim Remodeling, LLC. can’t reach me will have to be performed without my immediate approval and added to the invoice on a time and materials basis. Marble, mosaics, porcelains, patterns, and all non-standard tiles will have extra labor charges. If you have tile, then the standard brick or stack pattern is included but all other specialty patterns are an upcharge.

Client Responsibilities

Customer is responsible for priming, painting, staining, varnishing, unless otherwise stated on the bid. Allowances may not cover the cost of products chosen. Pets must be contained by customer to prevent loss or injury. Cancellation of work will involve a 10% cancellation fee plus purchase of any non-returnable materials and payment of restocking fees.

Invoice Procedures

Invoices are due upon receipt. The person(s) signing the work authorization contract personally guarantees payment of invoice regardless of who owns the property worked on. Payments for services invoiced that are not received within 30-days from date of invoice will be subject to a 5% penalty per calendar month. If the estimate is over $10,000, then a 30% deposit is required before starting, 30% progress payment mid-project, and the remainder due upon receipt of invoice. We only accept checks, money orders, or cash as a form of payment with no extra cost. The payment can be mailed to 18701 Patrick Ave., Elkhorn, NE 68022 or dropped off to this address as well.

 Please E-Sign and date this form below to authorize Stalheim Remodeling LLC to do your project. If we do not receive this contract back after being sent to you, it will stand as the guidelines for the work being done. 


Work Authorization

E-Sign this agreement for your home remodeling & repair services to be done by Stalheim Remodeling 

We look forward to working with you!

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